Definition:'In computer graphics, a sprite is a two-dimensional/three-dimensional image or animation that is integrated into a larger scene.'

(Source: Google)

Sprites are the animations in Jazz Jackrabbit 2 that are held in the animation library, 'anims.j2a', which is believed to also hold the sounds for the animations as well. Some sprites are unused, maybe because the idea for them was not a good one, or the event for them didn't work. These sprites include the Tweedle boss, an animation for the Bubba boss, and a few other enemies and weapons. Sprites are currently editable because the .j2a format uses the zlib compression library. for more information on how to use this library, see this forum post, written in C++ and VB. In spite of this, Jazz Jackrabbit 2 sprites are currently only editable through a user-made editor, called Jazz Sprite Dynamite. The game originally had no sprite editor. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to edit sounds, making the editor less popular.

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