Devin Shell VS. Jazz

Devan shell shooting at Jazz.

Devan Shell is the main antagonist of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 . He always gets in Jazz's way. In Jazz Jackrabbit 1, he holds Eva Earlong, Jazz's lover, captive, and in Jazz Jackrabbit 2, he has Eva's ring jewel, as it allows him to use his time machine, and stop Jazz from existing.

Game PlayEdit

Devan Shell appears in the last level. He shoots blue energy beams. He jumps around and shoots in between jumps. The easiest way to defeat him is by buttstomping down on him. When defeated, he turns into a green dragon and his life bar is reset. He then shoots fire at the player and follows wherever the player goes. When defeated the last time, he turns into his original self, falls onto the ground, stunned.

Devan 2 KO 3
Devan 2 Standing
Devan 2 KO 3
Devan 2 KO 2
Devan 2 KO 1
Devan 2 Firing
Devan 2 Disappearing
Devan 2 Disappearing With Gun
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