Here is a list of all of the cheat codes in Jazz Jackrabbit 2. They are very useful when testing a level made in Jazz Creation Station, or just to find out how a particular level works if it's locked.

  • jjgod - You can not get hurt and you have every weapon.

  • jjinv - You can not get hurt.

  • jjguns - You get every ammo upgrade.

  • jjammo - You get all the ammo.

  • jjfly - You have helicopter ears without going away.

  • jjk - You get killed..

  • jjshield - Type it one time and you get a fire shield. Type it again and you get a water shield. Type it again an you get a lightening shield. If you type it one last time you get a laser shield.

  • jjnext or jjnxt - You skip a level.

  • jjlight - Gets rid of the dark.

  • jjcoins - You get coins.

  • jjgems - You get gems.

  • jjending - You go back to the main page.
  • jjq - You quit the game.

  • jjmorph - You change into a different rabbit, frog, or bird.
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